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Congrats to new officers

At our Monday night General Meeting, an informal installation was held for two new lieutenants and an deputy training officer. Collar insignia and badges were pinned by members of their respective families. Candidates for officer were asked to complete an application essay, had to pass a entry exam, and were observed for 90 days. Congrats to: Lt. Lisa Jarvis, Lt. Deven Harris, and Deputy Training Officer Ben Taylor.

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Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 21:10- Rescue 7, Engine I, FD1, FD3, C Shift responded to the report of a person in respiratory distress at a CR 620 residence. Tippah EMS responded, no transport.

Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 5:59AM- FD1,FD2, Rescue 7, Engine I responded to a CR 633 residence in the Lake Mohawk Estates for the report of a person experience a fall from a seizure. Tippah EMS responded, no transport

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