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“I don’t have time!”

If there is one excuse we hear more than anything when recruiting it’s: “I don’t have time.” Guess what ?! We don’t either! We have kids, jobs, other responsibilities…but you make time for what’s important to you!! Consider making the fire service a priority in your life! Visit for more information!

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Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 21:10- Rescue 7, Engine I, FD1, FD3, C Shift responded to the report of a person in respiratory distress at a CR 620 residence. Tippah EMS responded, no transport.

Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 5:59AM- FD1,FD2, Rescue 7, Engine I responded to a CR 633 residence in the Lake Mohawk Estates for the report of a person experience a fall from a seizure. Tippah EMS responded, no transport

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