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Thank you!

A very special thank you to all that came out and supported our department on Saturday! You helped make this one of the most successful years yet! We enjoyed spending the day with our community, friends, and political candidates that stopped by! They took time to express their goals if elected and listened to concerns and issues we wanted to share. Big crowd! The only ones we didn't see were our fire coordinators.... 🤔. Great fundraiser!

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Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 21:10- Rescue 7, Engine I, FD1, FD3, C Shift responded to the report of a person in respiratory distress at a CR 620 residence. Tippah EMS responded, no transport.

Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 5:59AM- FD1,FD2, Rescue 7, Engine I responded to a CR 633 residence in the Lake Mohawk Estates for the report of a person experience a fall from a seizure. Tippah EMS responded, no transport

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