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Fire & Emergency Response

Prepared for Anything

Dry Creek Fire & Rescue is dedicated to the preservation of life and property when seconds count. Our personnel are your neighbors and friends, and we realize that your emergency often happens on your worse day. On this day, we will be there; helping out and providing emergency services to the very best of our ability. Dry Creek Fire & Rescue spends hours each month training for the day you need help.

On Fire


You’re In Safe Hands

Public Service Request
Please fill out the form to request and schedule one of our many public services. PLEASE NOTE: Request will not be processed if form is not completed in entirety. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly.

Public Services

Dry Creek Fire & Rescue provides a variety of public services to our community including:

  • Fire Prevention Events

  • Safety Monitoring Property Burns

  • Rentals of our Multi-Purpose Building

  • and more!...


Please fill out the form to request and schedule a public service.

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