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Woods Fire

2/2/2022: 13:11 PM- Truck 6 and support units responded to the report of a woods fire behind and CR 601 residence. Initial responding crews found that the fire had extended and was being carried by gusting winds. The MS Forestry Commission was dispatched as Dry Creek crews secured the perimeter of any structures. Support and rehabs units were requested as well as additional personnel. FD crews remained on the scene until Forestry crews had a fire line established and then returned to quarters.

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Rescue Alarm

4/11/24: 03:30 AM Rescue 7, Tanker 8, A Shift, FD1, FD2 responded to the report of a MVA rollover with injuries on CR 626. Two patients were extricated and transported to a medical facility by Tippah

Medical Alarm

4/9/24: 03:15 AM- Rescue 7, Engine 1, B Shift, FD3, FD1 responded to the report of a medical alarm at a CR 635 residence in Lake Mohawk Estates. Tippah EMS responded and transported routinely.


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