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Creepy Creek Haunted Farmhouse

It's that time of year again folks! Creepy Creek will be opening again for the 6th year for your Spooky Season enjoyment! We will soon be recruiting volunteers to help with this year's event. Interested? Check out the categories below and click "Sign Me Up!" to let us know you want to join our team!

Three Zombies


Scare Actors

Got what it takes to send them screaming for the hills? Sign up to work as a scare actor. This position requires and outgoing personality and endless energy to last the long....foggy....night. 



Hey, hangry guests can be scary too! Love the thought of helping at a haunted attraction, but not really the scary "type?" We have a place for you! Work in our concessions serving up snack ands smiles! Must be able to prepare light snacks, handle financial transactions, and have excellent customer service skills!

Food Grab
Halloween Decorations



You're the first person they wanna see....and who they'll run past when they leave! This position will handle the ticketing portion of our event. Most of the process will be automated, and you'll be there to help with liability waivers, etc. A perfect person for this job is someone who has a smile on their face and the ability to handle large crowds!



If you build it ....they will come ....and scream. Not really a people person, but have some made artistic abilities, building skills, and imagination? WE NEED YOU!! This position will start in September in preparation for the event and repairs will need to be made throughout the month of October! Grab your hammer and come on!

Cutting Wood

That's not all! We also need:

  • Make-up Artists

  • Painters

  • Security

  • and more!

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