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Candidates, you’re invited!

We've had several calls and messages from candidates asking if they could attend our June 17th "Grill and Chill" Fundraiser and bring signs, pens, etc. Of course! Consider this your formal invitation to come join us from 4 till 6pm for an evening of delicious BBQ plates and auction items! Don't have anyone running against you this year? Come on out anyway, somebody might run next term. :) Come support emergency services at Dry Creek Fire & Rescue, Saturday, June 17th from 4-6pm!

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2/23/24: 21:10- Rescue 7, Engine I, FD1, FD3, C Shift responded to the report of a person in respiratory distress at a CR 620 residence. Tippah EMS responded, no transport.

Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 5:59AM- FD1,FD2, Rescue 7, Engine I responded to a CR 633 residence in the Lake Mohawk Estates for the report of a person experience a fall from a seizure. Tippah EMS responded, no transport

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