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Have some fun while volunteering for a good cause!

Our fundraiser, Creepy Creek “Farmhouse” has room for more volunteers. Positions available are:

-Shuttle Driver: Person with tractor side by side/ ATV to pull trailer shirt distance from ticketing area to the haunted house. This person would be preferably over 18, responsible,and aware of safety precautions. Person should be available to work every Friday and Saturday night in October 6pm till Midnight. (2 positions available).

-Actors for trail area: Our event this year includes a haunted house and a trail. Fill-in actors are needed for trail spots. Must have ride to and from event, and able to be there every Friday and Saturday night in October, 6pm till Midnight.

-Ticket/Concessions Helpers: Helpers needed one Concessions/Ticket Areas. This is a fast paced area. Persons must be able to provide good customer service and deal with people well. Must be available every Friday and Saturday night in October from 6pm till Midnight.

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