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Mama said there’d be days like this…

2/1/2022: 12:29pm: Rescue 7, Engine II, and Truck 6 responded to a large grass fire as a move up for Dumas FD. While exiting a wooded area, Truck 6 encountered a low-lying area and was stuck…really stuck. Special thanks to Tippah County 4th District, Dumas FD personnel, MS Forestry Commission, and especially Mark and Steve Gibens that jerked that thing outta there before the rain came. Also, great job to the initial responding Dry Creek Crew that remained on the scene working long after the fire was extinguished. No structures were harmed, no injuries reported in this incident.

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2/23/24: 21:10- Rescue 7, Engine I, FD1, FD3, C Shift responded to the report of a person in respiratory distress at a CR 620 residence. Tippah EMS responded, no transport.

Medical Alarm

2/23/24: 5:59AM- FD1,FD2, Rescue 7, Engine I responded to a CR 633 residence in the Lake Mohawk Estates for the report of a person experience a fall from a seizure. Tippah EMS responded, no transport

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